A project to realize an animated short film that narrates the story of the famous capuan ex voto.


The SCAPE3D team, already made up of the architects Pier Manuel Scarpato and Giuseppe Petrella, has included in its staff a new 3D modeler Domenico D'Alisa and a 3D animator Simone Coppeta, professionals in the sector that are bringing to this project a quality never seen up to now.


Let's introduce as a preview some images, some sketchs of study about the main characters of the short film.


GROW UP 360°

The short film of animation realized by SCAPE3D team discloses in preview one of the most important scenographies. An entirely panorama of 360° for a really immersive experience.




The animated short film in 3D, completely realized with the use of a software open source, recounts the art, the culture and the archaic tradition of an ancient Italic population. Long before than the Roman civilization a very old cult existed, the fertility cult.


Young girls, in order to gain favor with the fecundity gift, crossed in procession the sacred area where they deposed the votive offer to the Mother Goddess. The votive offer is a statue in tufo painted with the features of a “Matron” seated on a throne, that in turn withstands very small children.


SCAPE3D will bring you back in time in a moving and evocative trip at the discovery of the MATER found in the territories of the old Capua, where there was a sacred enclosure, probably  erected  by the Osci and Sanniti populations, as devotion for the Mother Goddess.


The short film draws inspiration from this ancient cult, and recounts the story of a young woman Feronia that, in the strong desire of maternity, commissions sculptor what will then become the most suggestive pagan ex voto: THE MATER MATUTA.